OFS has the ability to package your optical fiber-based solution with various coating tailored to your critical application requirements.  Here are some of the options that can be discussed further with our coatings technologists.


光纤涂层颜色Optical fiber coatings/buffers play an important role in protecting the fiber from its intended environment. The coating protects the glass fiber from mechanical and environmental stresses in application. 主涂层可以单层或双层涂敷. Coatings are applied during the fiber draw process and before touching any external surface. For additional protection时,可加一层缓冲材料. The buffer material provides additional mechanical protection for the fiber and helps preserve the waveguide.


光纤结构可以保护光纤免受环境损坏. 缆索结构包括缓冲器、强度构件和护套. 影响设计的因素很多 fiber-optic cables. 电缆设计涉及电缆的预期应用.



Fiber Optic Coatings:


Photocurable liquid coating compositions adapted to provide primary coatings for optical glass fibers. Standard telecoms optical fibers use a dual coating of acrylate (a softer inner coating and a harder outer layer). 特种纤维通常使用一层涂层.


High-temperature acrylate is used because of its resistance to steam and cable gels or when the fiber will be used in a harsh environment requiring extra protection. Typically used in industrial sensing and 军事/航空航天应用.


无毒,坚固耐用,这种涂层是理想的医疗应用. It adheres to the class surface of the silica “healing” micro-defects thereby improving the tensile strength of the fiber and retarding static fatigue. Used in industrial applications where the hard polymer enables a connector to be crimped directly onto the fiber and the fiber cleaved mechanically. 更多beat365登录OFS HCS卷曲的信息 & 切割技术可以在这个网站上找到. 氟丙烯酸酯可作为包层或涂层材料用于 optical fiber.

Silicone Coating

抗水蒸气和一系列化学物质, silicone is soft, 并且需要缓冲来保护, 通常使用热塑性塑料,如ETFE, PFA or PEEK. 硅树脂可以抑制衰减导致的压缩,并且很容易剥离.

Acrylate Coating

通常用于包覆光纤 分布式温度传感 applications. 取决于丙烯酸酯的等级, mid-temperature range up to 135 ºC for up to 20 years and higher temperatures up to 200 ºC, can be supported. Optical fibers using this coating combination are protected against moisture across the temperature range. They are resistant to water and chemicals and are cushioned for deployment and service in harsh environments.


Polyimide coatings from OFS are designed for optical fiber in harsh temperature sensing and communications environments.  A thin, hard polymer coating provides mechanically strong fiber with 优异的耐化学性, small cross-section, 以及长期高温暴露.  OFS polyimide provides excellent thermal stability and some of the highest operating temperatures: continuous lifetime temperatures of 275 °C for up to 80 years, 300°C,长达13年, 325 °C for up to 2.2年,以及高达450°C的短期(24小时)短途旅行.


This coating, 涂上几埃厚, extends fiber lifetime significantly and can be used with other coating materials. 用于光纤将暴露在高应力下的应用, 和/或安装在一个紧密的线圈, 而且/或者会暴露在高湿度的环境中. Often the coating of choice when long lifetime of the optical fiber is a requirement.


Frequently used as a tertiary layer where other coatings like carbon and silicone may comprise other layers. PEEK provides a high Young’s modulus outer layer with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, low thermal expansion, 是一种零卤素材料,具有低烟雾和低毒性.


Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) delivers excellent short-term mechanical properties, such as high strength, 韧性和刚度以及良好的实际影响. PBT’s high heat-deflection temperatures and high temperature index ratings help components withstand both short term thermal excursions and long-term heat exposure. 它对多种化学物质具有强大的耐化学性. Optical fibers and fiber optic cables jacketed with PBT would be used in aerospace, 公用事业和工业应用.

Polypropylene PP

聚丙烯可用作…的替代品 polyvinyl chloride (PVC)作为光纤的缓冲材料 LSZH cable. 它散发的烟雾少,没有有毒的卤素, 在高温条件下,哪些可能导致酸的产生.

Polyethylene PE

PE has excellent properties of moisture and weather resistance and has good electrical properties over a wide temperature range. 它也很耐磨. 通常用作外部植物光纤电缆的护套材料.


LSZH jacket is free of halogenated materials which can be transformed into toxic and corrosive matter during combustion. LSZH是封闭安装的良好电缆护套选择.


PVC通常成本低,灵活,相当坚固. 它可以在各种环境和应用程序中发挥作用. 用于室内和室外电缆的电缆护套材料.


PVDF涂层不与大多数溶剂和化学品发生反应. 它具有优异的耐磨损性, 高介电强度, 耐风化, 并且在发生火灾时可以自行熄灭. 如果发生火灾,它们也不会产生太多的烟雾.  这种涂层是室内通风电缆的好选择.

Polyurethane TPU

TPU的性能包括:高耐磨性, 低温性能, high shear strength, high elasticity, 透明度和耐油脂性. 用于工业级电缆.


Halogen-free, flame retardant (HFFR) thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) compositions are replacing halogen-containing, 阻燃TPU组合物在许多应用,包括, but not limited to, the insulation and protective jackets for the wire and cable associated with personal electronic devices and cables deployed in enclosed spaces. These HFFR TPU compositions can provide excellent flame-retardant performance and mechanical properties including excellent flexibility.

Hytrel® TPE

Thermoplastic polyester elastomers (TPE) provide the flexibility of rubbers and the strength of plastics. 该材料具有优异的弯曲疲劳性能和广泛的使用温度. It resists tearing, flex-cut growth, creep and abrasion, showing outstanding toughness while resisting hydrocarbons and many other fluids. It is used in several of the OFS cables designed for reliable use in aircraft applications.


ETFE [poly(ethene-co-tetrafluoroethene) has excellent resistance to extremes of temperature, 优异的耐化学性, 具有良好的机械强度和优异的抗拉强度 elongation. 与大多数含氟聚合物相比,它具有优越的物理性能. 它还表现出出色的耐气候和老化性. ETFE is typically used as a buffer for the OFS HCS® fibers used in industrial datacom applications.


Optical fiber cables buffered with Teflon™ fluoropolymers gain exceptional resistance to high temperatures, chemical reaction, corrosion, and stress cracking. 该材料非常适合在苛刻的应用中部署电缆.

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